Bristol Detailing Supplies Wheel Care Bundle

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Introducing the Bristol Detailing Supplies Wheel Care Bundle - your ultimate solution for achieving the stunning wheels and tyres your vehicle deserves. This comprehensive kit is tailor-made for auto enthusiasts who demand nothing but perfection when it comes to their wheels and tyres.

Inside this exceptional bundle, you'll discover:

1. **Ko Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner (500ml):** Bid farewell to relentless brake dust and grime with this non-acidic formula, designed to deliver a sparkling shine without any harm to your precious wheels.

2. **Toxic Waste Wheel Cleaner and Fallout Remover (500ml):** This potent cleaner and fallout remover is your go-to solution for combating the most resilient contaminants, leaving your wheels looking brand new.

3. **Tyre Silk 2.0 Tyre and Trim Gel (500ml):** Transform your tires and trim with a glossy, long-lasting finish that enhances your vehicle's overall appearance.

4. **Mess-Free Tyre Applicator:** Ensure a uniform and professional application of tyre gel with this specialized applicator, eliminating mess and guaranteeing even coverage.

**Bundle Value: £36**
**Price for Bundle: £26.95, saving over 30%!**

With the Bristol Detailing Supplies Wheel Care Bundle, you're poised to take your wheel and tyre maintenance to the next level. Preserve the beauty and brilliance of your vehicle's most eye-catching features with these top-notch products. Say goodbye to brake dust, grime, and lacklustre tyres - order this bundle today and experience the remarkable transformation for yourself. Your wheels and tyres will be forever grateful!

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