Bristol Detailing Supplies tips and tricks

Our products and their hidden talents 


Below you will see a list of our products with useful tips on how to use them along with bits you may not have known.



Although secret sauce is more of a glaze, it works wonders on your glass as well. You only need a tiny amount spread onto the glass both interior and exterior, allow to haze over then just buff of for a smear free super clean finish. 

This will stain fabrics so be sure to be extra cautious when applying this on the interior.


Hydro Coat is temperature resistant, so this means its perfect for quick application on your wheels to help avoid dirt sticking in between regular washes.

Hydro Coat can also be used on the glass so during rain or damp road conditions the water just rolls up the windscreen helping keep it clean and clear.

Not suitable for matte surfaces 


If your wheels are only lightly soiled, you can simply spray toxic waste on allow to dwell but not to dry then just blast the dirt away.

Toxic Waste can also be used on your paint work to remove iron deposits from the body work by dissolving the oxidisation around the iron particle therefor allowing easy nonabrasive decontamination. 



Purple Perfection is a super glossy and easy to use product that can also be used as a clay lubricant in the decontamination stages.

Also, a great glass cleaner for your side windows and mirrors.


Citrus Fresh a fantastic interior cleaner this can be used to clean fabrics, leather, vinyl’s, rubber, literally anything.

Great under the bonnet as alight cleaner. 

No harsh chemicals so safe around children and animals.


Another fantastic product. This has an active ingredient made to remove organic substances such as bugs and bird droppings so you can effortlessly just pressure wash them away. 

Safe on all types of paint and vinyl wrap.

Renew leather cleaner will remove any grease or grime left on your leather (not suitable on suede) simply spray agitate with a soft brush or sponge then just wipe dry.

Renew also has a built-in moisturiser leaving you with a soft matte leather surface.

Also contains a strong leather scent leaving your interior smelling fresh and new again.

Disintegrate Tar and Glue remover, we have all tried and failed getting the glue off the back of number plates, badges and stickers, well struggle no more simply saturate a clean microfiber cloth and leave it to rest over the glue or sticky substance, then after a couple of minutes simply wipe or peel the glue off .


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