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Introducing the Bristol Detailing Supplies Wash Essentials Bundle - the foundation for achieving a spotless, gleaming vehicle that truly stands out. This carefully assembled kit is designed for car enthusiasts who know that a thorough and effective wash is the cornerstone of exceptional car care.

Inside the Wash Essentials Bundle, you'll find:

1. **Grape Soda Suds Shampoo (500ml):** Enjoy a rich, sudsy shampoo that cleans your vehicle's exterior gently but effectively, leaving it looking its best.

2. **Purge Citrus Pre-Wash (1L):** Prepare your vehicle for a deep clean with this powerful pre-wash solution, designed to tackle dirt and grime before the main wash.

3. **1x Microfiber Wash Mitt:** This high-quality microfiber wash mitt is designed for a soft touch and efficient cleaning, ensuring your vehicle gets the attention it deserves. (Colour May Vary From Picture)

**RRP: £32**
**Sales Price: £23.95, saving over 25%!**

The Bristol Detailing Supplies Wash Essentials Bundle is your starting point for a pristine, showroom-ready vehicle. Whether you're a seasoned car detailer or a weekend car care enthusiast, this kit is designed to make your car washing routine a breeze.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own the Wash Essentials Bundle, thoughtfully assembled to help you save over 25% while achieving the ultimate clean. Elevate your car care regimen and experience the transformation for yourself - order today and enjoy a car that's truly refreshed and rejuvenated!

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