Bristol Detailing Supplies "The Essentials" Bundle

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Introducing the Bristol Detailing Supplies "The Essentials" Bundle - your complete solution for achieving a showroom-worthy vehicle that turns heads wherever you go. This meticulously curated kit is designed for car enthusiasts who demand perfection in every detail.

Inside "The Essentials" bundle, you'll discover:

1. **Ko Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner (500ml):** Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and grime while maintaining the pristine condition of your wheels.

2. **Toxic Waste Wheel Cleaner and Fallout Remover (500ml):** This powerful cleaner and fallout remover eradicates the most resilient contaminants, ensuring your wheels and bodywork look as good as new.

3. **Purge Citrus Pre-Wash (1L):** Prepare your vehicle for a deep clean with this powerful pre-wash solution.

4. **Cherry Whipped Cream Snow Foam (1L):** Create a luxurious, thick foam for a pampering pre-wash experience.

5. **Grape Soda Suds Shampoo (500ml):** Enjoy a rich, sudsy shampoo that delivers a deep clean without harming your vehicle's paint.

6. **Hydrocoat Hydrophobic Rinse Aid (500ml):** Enhance water beading and safeguard your paint with this hydrophobic rinse aid.

7. **Purple Perfection Quick Detailer (500ml):** Achieve a freshly detailed look in minutes, ideal for touch-ups and quick cleaning.

8. **Blue Glass Jello Glass Cleaner (500ml):** Attain streak-free, crystal-clear windows and mirrors with this powerful cleaner.

9. **Tyre Silk 2.0 Tyre and Trim Gel (500ml):** Elevate the aesthetics of your tyres and trim with a long-lasting, glossy finish.

10. **Pink Perfection Interior Detailer (500ml):** Revitalize your interior surfaces with a fresh, clean, and natural satin factory appearance.

11. **6x Bristol Detailing Supplies Hanging Air Fresheners:** Enjoy a variety of scents to keep your vehicle smelling as wonderful as it looks.

**RRP Price: £123**
**Purchase Price: £79.95, saving 35%!**

"The Essentials" Bundle encompasses all the products you need to transform your vehicle into a masterpiece of cleanliness and style. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own "The Essentials" bundle, crafted to perfection and offered at a fantastic value. Elevate your car care regimen and savour the pristine, head-turning result - order today and take your car detailing to the next level!

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