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The Bristol Detailing Supplies Snow Foam Lance is supplied with fittings to suit Karcher K-Series fitment and Quick Fit fitment.

The snow foam stage of a wash is the most important and it’s not a stage that should be missed. Being that the snow foaming stage is where you remove all the larger dirt particles that are likely to cause those dreaded swirls. 
Treating your car or motorbike to a snow foam bathe before any contact wash will ease the worry of swirls appearing along with getting in those hard-to-reach areas.


The snow foam lance works to create a thick clinging foam by pushing the water through your mix of Snow foam. It’s this clinging snow foam that allows cleaning agents to work for longer, helping to loosen dirt and grime. Once rinsed, the vehicle will be ready for the two-bucket method wash.


Made of strong chemical-resistant plastics, brass, and stainless steel you won’t be replacing it any time soon. Equipped with a 1L bottle with measurements on the side.

This lance is supplied with a quick fit attachment and/or Karcher K-Series.


You can adjust the thickness of the foam by simply turning the top mount to get your preferred thickness. twisting the shroud on the end will adjust your fan pattern the thicker the foam is, the longer it'll stay on the vehicle. To create the thick desired foam, our lance requires a minimum flow rate of  7L/min


  -  Full Brass internals along with a stainless steel chemical-resistant mesh.

   -  Compatible with any foam or shampoo but we have designed this lance to work perfectly with our Bristol Detailing Supplies Snow Foam this will also work well with other foams.

   -  Easy to Use - Twist knobs allow you to easily adjust the mixture strength and adjust the spray pattern to suit your needs.

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