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Introducing the Bristol Detailing Supplies Show Day Essentials Bundle - your go-to solution for achieving a stunning, pristine vehicle that's ready to turn heads on any show day. This meticulously crafted kit is designed for auto enthusiasts who appreciate the art of presentation.

Inside the Show Day Essentials Bundle, you'll find:

1. **Kevlar Ceramic Infused Quick Detailer (500ml):** Elevate your vehicle's shine to a whole new level with this ceramic-infused quick detailer. It enhances gloss and provides up to 3 months protection for your car's finish.

2. **Tyre Silk 2.0 Tyre and Trim Gel (500ml):** Achieve a deep, glossy finish for your tyres and trim, ensuring a show-ready appearance that lasts.

3. **Blue Glass Jello Glass Cleaner (500ml):** This specialized glass cleaner delivers streak-free, crystal-clear windows and mirrors for perfect visibility.

4. **1x Mess-Free Tyre Applicator:** Ensure a uniform and professional finish when applying tyre gel, preventing mess and ensuring even coverage for an impeccable result.

5. **1x Grey 420gsm Pearl Microfiber Edgeless Cloth:** This high-quality edgeless cloth is ideal for delicate and effective wiping, giving your vehicle that final, flawless touch.

6. **1x Glass Fish Scale Cloth:** Achieve sparkling, streak-free glass with this specialized fish scale cloth designed for perfect glass cleaning.

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**Sales Price: £33.95, saving 30%!**

The Show Day Essentials Bundle from Bristol Detailing Supplies is your ultimate companion for ensuring your vehicle is the star of the show. Perfect for car shows, exhibitions, or simply for those who love a pristine vehicle, this kit is carefully assembled to make your car care routine effortless.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own the Show Day Essentials Bundle. Elevate your car detailing to a professional level, save 30%, and enjoy the head-turning transformation. Order today and be prepared to shine on your show day!

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