The faces behind the Logo

Meet Darryl Gray

Business Owner 

Founder of Bristol detailing supplies 

After spending 3 years in collage studding paint refinishing Darryl left with over 35 Diplomas in Paint refinishing along with some other traits like carbon fiber and fiberglass Manufacturing.

After leaving collage Darryl worked in a couple of Body shops to then end up starting Crystal Clear Polishing. This was very popular and has continued to grow since that day.

It was because of this he decided to start Bristol Detailing Supplies as it was increasingly hard to stick with one range as at the time none had a full range of products that done the job as expected. 

This was the berth of Bristol Detailing Supplies, with that Darryl contacted several chemists and started the range we have today after years of research and tweaking we had a good strong range of products that has continued to improve and become what some would consider the best quality in today's market.


Meet Richard King 

Business Owner

Richard jumped on board with Bristol Detailing supplies in 2019 becoming one of the proud owners of something truly fantastic.

Richard became involved with Bristol detailing supplies when he started working with Darryl Gray at Crystal Clear Polishing and then the partnership was formed.

When Richard joined Bristol Detailing Supplies this really transformed the business and became the face you all know today with his long years in the industry this really helped bush Bristol Detailing Supplies forwards with a big fresh look on the future of the Company.


Meet Darryl Holcombe

Graphics Designer (shades wraps)

So Darryl is the master mind behind our labels he is also the wizard who wrapped our huge mobile shop.


 Meet Aramis Achha

Photographer (AA Media)  

Aramis has been with us since day one.

all of our videos and a lot of our images have come from his skills behind the camera and his fantastic editorial skills. with such clean crisp shots and his natural feel for how an image will look has helped our image a lot.

Meet Alex Hutton

Photographer (Untypical Media )

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