Cartec Refinish Starter Kit 150ml (3000/9000)

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A superb kit, ideal for paint rectification and full machine polishing.

Available  with Rotary or Orbital pads, this kit contains everything you need to try our newly released 3000 and 9000 compounding system.

Kit contents:

1 x 150g Diamond Cut 3000 Extreme Cutting Power. Effective from P1500 upwards. No fillers so flatting marks will not come back! Extreme Cutting Power!

1 x 150ml Final Cut 9000 One Step Compound - second stage to the 3000 diamond cut, completely 100% hologram free! Also amazing to use as a one stage product if a car has hazing and swirls.

1 x 150mm Green Compounding Pad Open Structure (Rotary or Orbital)

1 x 150mm White Compounding Pad Open Structure (Rotary or Orbital)

1 x Green Super Soft Refinish Microfibre Cloth

1 x White Super Soft Refinish Microfibre Cloth

1 x Refinish Brochure and Procedure chart

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