Bristol Detailing Supplies The Three Brush-Keteers Brush Set

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The Three Brush-Keteers set boasts a trio of brushes consisting of

1X natural boar hair

1X microfiber

1X synthetic fibre tips.

Soft and gentle bristles are densely packed so you can be sure they are durable and don’t fall out.

Can be used wet or dry, the car cleaning brushes do not emit an unpleasant odour when left to dry

First up the Microfiber for use on delicate surfaces is perfect for dusting off touchscreens and piano black surfaces.

Secondly the Boar hair brush this aims towards the exterior of the vehicle more focused on wheel cleaning and engine bays.

Last but not least will be the Third Brush-Keteer the Synthetic fibre brush best for cleaning air vents, leather and cloth seats

The metal-free design is aimed to prevent scratching and connectivity if you accidentally touch something you shouldn’t, like paintwork or a battery terminal.

The solid plastic handle has been designed so you can’t break it if you were to sit or stand on it, unlike wooden handle brushes it won’t swell or crack with prolonged exposure to water or deteriorate over time.

Round shaped with a smooth slightly textured surface so there not slippery to hold when wet. With the sleek shaped design to fit perfectly in your hand at any angle.

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