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The BLO Air dryers are compact Car Dryers that packs a big punch. Ideal for safely and easily drying cars and motorcycles, driving out water from every vent, mirror or hiding spot.

Do not let these lightweight car blowers fool you, they pack either huge single or dual motors and come with a 5M Cord/5M Hose to reach right around your car or bike.


Air-S - Hand Held Features:

  • 1.5HP via a Single Motor
  • 21,800 FPM
  • Twin Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 16’ / 5M Power Cord
  • UK Plug

Air-RS - Single Motor Features:

  • 5.5HP via a Single Motor
  • 43,500 FPM
  • Long 5M Hose
  • Variable Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 5M Power Cord
  • UK Plug

Air-GT - Dual Motor Features:

  • 8HP via Twin Motors
  • 64,000 FPM
  • Super Long 8M Hose
  • Variable Air Speed Control
  • Warm Filtered Air
  • Long 5M Power Cord
  • UK Plug

Drying your car after a regular wash is the moment in time in which you'll most likely introduce the micro surface scratches in the paint clear coat that build over time and create unsightly swirl marks. By using a BLO Car Dryer it is not only safer, but faster and more efficient. You will also get all the tricky spots that drip water like the mirrors, handles and trim.

The BLO Air dryers have a long hose, comfortable handle and variable speed control.

The specifically designed soft rubber nozzle tip takes the worry of scratching the paint's surface out of the equation when getting a little too close to the finish.

Each BLO unit includes a dedicated air filter at the intake of the machine. This will keep debris-free air from engaging with the finish for an easy and clean drying experience.

Not all areas of the vehicle will require the full power of the BLO. When drying intricate grills or side mirrors, you may want a less powerful blast of air. The easily adjustable Wind Speed Dial makes that possible.

Designed and tested in the USA, the AIR-RS and GT are  powerful Car Dryers and a valuable addition to your Garage wash and dry set up.

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