Chemical Guys No Mess Tyre Dressing Applicator

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If you like shining your tires but hate getting grease and dressing all over your fingers, then the Contour EZ-Form Applicator is the right pad for you! Only this unique applicator pad mounts a soft dura foam applicator pad on a sculpted no-mess handle. This plastic handle features finger grooves to prevent slippage, and blocks dirt, grease, and grime from getting into your fingertips, underneath your nails, and protects your knuckles from scraping on sharp car parts. The Contour EZ-Form Applicator is easy to grip, which helps anyone with arthritis or weaker grip strength detail their car and get the job done. Keep one Contour EZ-Form Applicator for tires and trim, one for exterior paintwork, and one for interior seats and upholstery. Spread your favourite dressing on tires, bumper trim, window mouldings, side-view mirrors, and engine parts without getting your fingers dirty. Spread a coat of wax over paintwork, glass, and shiny metal parts without wasting a single drop. Work leather conditioners into fine leather upholstery and seats to keep interior pieces supple, soft, and free from cracks and breaks. Make detailing EZ again with the Contour EZ-Form Applicator Pad, and protect your car inside and out without any greasy messes.

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