Cartec Refinish 3 Stage Starter Pack

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A superb sample kit, ideal for paint rectification and full machine polishing.

The Refinish Line offers a complete system of polishing products with which you are assured of a 100% hologram-free and deep-glossy result.

Kit contents:

1 x 150ml Diamond Cut 3000 Extreme Cutting Power. Effective from P1500 upwards. No fillers so flatting marks will not come back! Extreme Cutting Power!

1 x 150ml Final Cut 9000 One Step Compound - second stage to the 3000 diamond cut, completely 100% hologram free! Also amazing to use as a one stage product if a car has hazing and swirls.

1 x 150ml Ultra Finish 12000 Anti-Hologram - third stage if required. Amazing for removing 100% of swirls & holograms. Especially effective on non metallic colours such as piano black

1 x 150mm Green Compounding Pad Open Structure

1 x 150mm White Finishing Pad Open Structure

1 x 150mm Anthracite Finishing Pad Open Structure

1 x Green Super Soft Refinish Microfibre Cloth

1 x White Super Soft Refinish Microfibre Cloth

1 x Anthracite Super Soft Refinish Microfibre Cloth

1 x Refinish Brochure and Procedure chart

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